I'm not real

Name's Ana, but you can call me tonight. I love Neopets.

Ugh, I want these so hard.

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This is awesome.

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Thanks bro.

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I hate every one.

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Bought this expensive book to get the lovely (not really that lovely) avatar.

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Currently bidding on this on ebay. It’s expired, but I still hope I win.

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The lab ray never ever changes my pets (species and colour wise). So I was like, LOLZ GONNA ZAP MA BABY CYBUNNY FOR TEH LULZ. 

Fuck right offfffff. I know it’s my fault and baby paint brushes aren’t that expensive, but c’mon, gimme a break off of that that Kit Kat bar. 

This bitch better turn my Cybunny into a chocolate or maraquan tomorrow. 

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I’ve received all my exam marks back and it’s official: I’ll be an SN2 this coming September. Student Nurse Level 2 that is.

My marks for first year:

  • A-: Introduction to Psychology
  • A-: Child Development Psychology
  • A-: Nutrition for Nursing Practice
  • B: Anatomy and Physiology
  • B+: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing*
  • A-: Social, Political and Economic Perspective of Nursing
  • A: Assessment for the Healthy Individual
  • B+: Nursing Practice*

90% on a paper I wrote in 5 hours the night before it was due. BTCHPLZ - I’m fantastic. loljk

*You know what’s really annoying? Being 1% off the next grade level. I COULD’VE GOTTEN A FUCKING A.

Anyways, marks and school aside…it’s summer. I’ve been out everyday since school ended. I wonder when my parents will start to complain. Wait, they already have complained. Hell, I still haven’t unpacked. 


Would the last day of exams be considered the first day? If you don’t think so: fuck right off and stop reading. I wrote my final exam and then went to the Spaghetti Factory with my nursing bitches and at spaghetti (shocker). Then I met up with my dad on campus so he could help me pack up the rest of my crap an ditch residence. 

My dad had already come the week before to get the majority of my things (clothes and mini-fridge) so I thought it would take 20 minutes tops to stuff the rest of my shit into the car. But BOY WAS I WRONG - it took a little over an hour. 

Nothing interesting happened. After all, it was just a father and daughter stuffing random shits into garbage bags and a suitcase. Honestly, in one garbage back I had:

  • Bath stuff
  • Scotch tape
  • Pen holder with accompanying markers, pens and pencils
  • Post-its
  • Jewelry
  • Etc.

It was ridiculous.

In another garbage back I had pillows, clothes, knitted…flower…art..stuff, a teddy bear, someone else’s shorts…?

After loading everything (and more) into the car we drove home-home. I slept the whole way. And here’s a realistic representation of me:

Frame 4 in particular. 

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I got my dreamie the other day - a Grey Usul. I arrived as soon as I transferred her to my main. 

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"Cheap, fast, and easy."

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